Martha’s Vineyard – A Magical Vacation Destination

Martha’s Vineyard is a beautiful destination at any time of year, but especially magical in early autumn. The island has been in full swing for a summer season. The restaurants and shops have all been bustling for months and remain open, though a calm comes over the Vineyard when major tourist season has come and gone, once again.

Our three winners last year all raved about the weather, accommodations, and restaurants. The Hob Knob luxury boutique hotel was deemed “absolutely wonderful”, especially the elegant rooms and friendly staff. Our winners loved the delicious breakfasts at the Hob Knob and daily afternoon tea. They gathered round a cozy fire in the evenings to enjoy cocktails before heading out to dinner at two of the best restaurants on the island.
Alchemy in Edgartown is a French-style bistro that features local ingredients, especially fresh seafood. Also in Edgartown, l’etoile is located in a restored historic whaling captain’s house with a seasonal menu.  The atmosphere is elegant, with a garden terrace for outdoor dining and bustling bar. They too source many of their ingredients from local growers like the Morning Glory Farm just up the road.

Our Soup Challenge winners all had a lovely time and highly recommend it as a vacation destination to anyone. Even better if you can take that trip for free! Three new winners will have their chance at culinary glory and partake in a special New England adventure this fall.

2 thoughts on “Martha’s Vineyard – A Magical Vacation Destination

  1. I spent 3 days at Martha’s Vineyard in June, 2011 with a special friend. We stayed at the Madison Inn in a little cottage attached to main housing. We had a great time and enjoyed the food. We drove so many places and discovered how lovely The Vineyard is in the summer. June RAGANSWOOD.

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