Happy Thanksgiving from New England Country Soup!

It is the eve of Thanksgiving, do you know where your turkey is? More importantly, do you know where it will end up?

If you are the traditional school, in about 24 hours, you will pull your turkey out of the fridge, dress it up with herbs, spices, and butter, and lay it in a hot oven to roast with onions and potatoes.

If you are of the less traditional school (as, it turns out, are two of our NECS team members), you might be pulling out your charcoal grill or smoker, soaking wood chips in apple cider, and getting ready to smoke your bird to Thanksgiving Day perfection.

Jess, our newest team member, did a practice round a couple weeks ago – just to ensure she got her bird right for the big day. 

Either way, nobody eats the whole turkey the day of Thanksgiving, and according to a Butterball Turkey Survey (knowing that such a thing exists makes me proud to be an American), 52% of those lucky enough to have turkey leftovers use it to make soup – and why not? The possibilities are endless!

All soups start with a good stock. Check out this recipe from our friends at Food52 – a standard in Pete’s household. Feel free to deviate – good stock is made from leftovers, so what better day to make it than the Friday after Thanksgiving.

To the stock, add some of your favorite leftovers (maybe leave out the pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce), and some pasta. Turkey-noodle soup is born.

If you are feel like you need a bit more direction, check out one of the nearly 20 recipes we have gotten already for this year’s  Soup Challenge™, or one of the recipes from the outstanding library of Soup Challenges past! 

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