Soup Challenge III!

The idea seemed crazy when it was first proposed: an “off the shelf” soup versus the “best of homemade”.

Really? Why would we have our brand pick a fight most would think we couldn’t win? Marketing suicide?

Well, that was then … this is now and we are two years into our Soup Challenge. The results after the first 2 years? New England Country Soup wins 2 out of every 3 competitions against the best of homemade!

The key: we more than hold our own on taste and win big on nutrition. Yup, it is true: making a great tasting healthy soup is hard … just ask our 25 finalists from the first 2 years of competition. But, to quote from one of our favorite movies, A League of Their Own: “If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard … is what makes it great!”

OK, “homemade souper stars” – it is time to compete! This year’s Soup Challenge: yours versus ours starts up at 12:01 on November 1st!

This year’s competition will be essentially the same as last year’s:
• your best homemade versus New England Country Soup,
• three regions (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest),
• the three top vote getters in each region make it to the regional finals along with two other entrants whose recipes will be selected based on creativity,
• competition is based on taste and nutrition,
• the winner from each region gets an all expenses paid “fabulous foodie weekend getaway” to Martha’s Vineyard!

Check out our posts for more on last year’s winners and the GREAT time all of our finalists had at our the Regional Finals – in the Northeast, we were at Le Cordon Bleu in Cambridge, in the Southeast, The Art Institute of Atlanta and in the Midwest, Illinois Community College’s Food Technology Center. Great venues … good fun … tough competition! And, of course, the outstanding time the finalists had on Martha’s Vineyard.

This year we have added five more states to the competition as more stores continue to add New England Country Soup to their shelves and more folks come to enjoy our great tasting soup! Plus, we are expanding our efforts to get the word out with more aggressive use of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and bloggers, announcements on cooking contest sites and extensive media outreach. We will, as well, be making even more use of the photography you submit with each recipe though a photo or photos are not required … we sure encourage you to factor that into your recipe planning (we do, after all, “… eat with our eyes!”).

Remember: you, your family, your friends and all the ‘new best friends’ you are able to attract to your recipe can vote daily for your recipe. So the earlier you get your recipe in, the more days you will have to collect votes!
Good luck … have fun … and may the best tasting and most nutritious soup win!

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